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This is clearly higher than the 1. This allowed to drive the modulator in the linear regime for multi-level PAM signaling but sacrificed modulation depth. Moreover, SOH devices exploit the intrinsic scalability advantages associated with large-scale silicon photonic fabrication based on highly developed CMOS processes, potentially in combination with electrical circuits 62 , In general, the performance of these devices is fundamentally limited by an intrinsic trade-off between energy consumption and insertion loss 19 , leading to relatively large drive voltages of 6 V pp 38 and 4 V pp 18 , respectively.

In addition, fabrication of POH devices has so far relied on advanced electron-beam lithography, which is not readily amenable to large-scale low-cost production. Note that the EAM listed in Fig. Moreover, Fig. SOH devices can hence compare very well to competing device concepts, both in terms of performance and in terms of device scalability. The record-low drive voltage of 1. In the future, such devices might be co-integrated with light sources in compact chip-scale assemblies.

This can be accomplished by hybrid integration approaches that rely, e. Recent advances in material synthesis and molecular design have led to efficient and thermally stable organic EO materials. We expect that even higher operating temperatures can be achieved in the future, e. In addition to temperature, photo-oxidation might play an important role in the degradation of EO organic materials — this aspect is subject to ongoing research, and we expect that the associated life-time limitations can also be overcome by cross-linking, which reduces oxygen diffusion into the material 71 , 72 , or by encapsulation of the devices.

We confirm our experimental results by simulations using the measured frequency characteristic of our SOH modulator and its associated drive circuitry. In the experiments, we achieve BER below the threshold for hard-decision forward error correction. Post-equalization helps in improving the eye opening so that low-power and low-latency FEC codes can be employed. The efficiency of our modulator and the possibility to exploit large-scale silicon photonic integration allows the realization of compact and technically simple high-speed transceivers that meet the stringent cost targets of medium-reach interconnects.

Raybon, G. Single carrier high symbol rate transmitter for data rates up to 1. Schuh, K. Single carrier 1. Jiang, J. Kuchta, D. Mekis, A. High-speed silicon photonics optical transceivers. Ambrosia, J. The Ethernet roadmap. Ethernet Alliance White Paper Yichuan, Y. Lange, S.

Ogiso, Y. Feng, D. Express 20 , — Srinivasan, A. Verbist, J. Xu, H. High-speed silicon modulator with band equalization. Xiao, X. Substrate removed silicon Mach-Zehnder modulator for high baud rate optical intensity modulations. High speed silicon photonic modulators. Hoessbacher, C. Express 25 , — Koos, C. Lauermann, M. Express 24 , — Alloatti, L.

Light Sci. Palmer, R. High-speed, low drive-voltage silicon-organic hybrid modulator dased on a dinary-chromophore electro-optic material. Koeber, S. Femtojoule electro-optic modulation using a silicon—organic hybrid device. Wolf, S. DAC-less amplifier-less generation and transmission of QAM signals using sub-volt silicon-organic hybrid modulators. Low-power silicon-organic hybrid SOH modulators for advanced modulation formats. Express 22 , — Pfeifle, J. Silicon-organic hybrid phase shifter based on a slot waveguide with a liquid-crystal cladding.

Express 19 , — Hartmann, W. Zwickel, H. IEEE Photon. Express 26 , — Kieninger, C. Dalton, L. Electric field poled organic electro-optic materials: state of the art and future prospects. Sato, H. Low driving voltage mach-zehnder interference modulator constructed from an electro-optic polymer on ultra-thin silicon with a broadband operation. Melikyan, A. High-speed plasmonic phase modulators. Express 23 , — Haffner, C. All-plasmonic mach—zehnder modulator enabling optical high-speed communication at the microscale.

Huang, S. Enhanced temporal stability of a highly efficient guest—host electro-optic polymer through a barrier layer assisted poling process. Jouane, Y. Petousi, D. High-speed monolithically integrated silicon photonic transmitters in 0. Ishikura, N. Korn, D. Lasing in silicon—organic hybrid waveguides. Heni, W. Nonlinearities of organic electro-optic materials in nanoscale slots and implications for the optimum modulator design.

Snyder, B. Hybrid integration of the wavelength-tunable laser with a silicon photonic integrated circuit. Lindenmann, N. Photonic wire bonding: a novel concept for chip-scale interconnects. Connecting silicon photonic circuits to multicore fibers by photonic wire bonding. Billah, M. Multi-chip integration of lasers and silicon photonics by photonic wire bonding.


Dietrich, P. Lenses for low-loss chip-to-fiber and fiber-to-fiber coupling fabricated by 3D direct-write lithography. Freude, W. Chang, F. Forward error correction for G transport networks. IEEE 48 , 48—55 Kim, H. Chirp characteristics of dual-drive mach-zehnder modulator with a finite DC extinction ratio. Koyama, F. Frequency chirping in external modulators. J Lightw. Chen, L. Janner, D. Waveguide electro-optic modulation in micro-engineered LiNbO 3. A Pure Appl. Strasser, M. Experimental verification of optimum filter bandwidths in direct-detection N RZ receivers limited by optical noise.

OpenOptics Design Guide. Available at: www. Wang, Z. FEC tradeoffs and analyses for G optical networking. IEEE Bauwelinck, J. On-chip transmitter and receiver front-ends for ultra- broadband wired and optical-fiber communications. Orcutt, J. Open foundry platform for high-performance electronic-photonic integration.

Sun, C. Single-chip microprocessor that communicates directly using light. Nature , — Highly efficient electro-optic polymers through improved poling using a thin TiO2-modified transparent electrode. Liang, D. Recent progress in lasers on silicon. De Valicourt, G. Integrated ultra-wide band wavelength-tunable hybrid external cavity silicon-based laser.

Qiu, F. Efficiently poled electro-optic polymer modulators. Miura, H. High thermal stability 40 GHz electro-optic polymer modulators. Shi, Z. Achieving excellent electro-optic activity and thermal stability in poled polymers through an expeditious crosslinking process. C 22 , — Theory-guided design of organic electro-optic materials and devices. Polymers 3 , — Klinger, M. Effect of polymer cross-links on oxygen diffusion in glassy PMMA films. ACS Appl. Interfaces 1 , — Download references. We acknowledge the support from Keysight Technologies in Boeblingen, Germany, for lending the real-time oscilloscope.

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The manuscript was prepared by S. Correspondence to Christian Koos. Publisher's note: Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. Reprints and Permissions. Optics Express Nature Photonics Journal of Semiconductors By submitting a comment you agree to abide by our Terms and Community Guidelines.

If you find something abusive or that does not comply with our terms or guidelines please flag it as inappropriate. Advanced search. Skip to main content. Subjects Optical materials and structures Other photonics. Abstract Electro-optic modulators for high-speed on-off keying OOK are key components of short- and medium-reach interconnects in data-center networks.