Fish Energetics: New Perspectives

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It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Authors: Tytler , Peter, Calow , Peter. It is almost thirty years since Professor G. Winberg established the basis for experimental studies in fish energetics with the publication of his monograph, Rate of Metabolism and Food Requirements of Fishes.

His ultimate aim was to develop a scientific approach to fish culture and management, and the immense volume of literature generated in the ensuing years has been mainly in response to the demand for information from a rapidly expanding, world-wide aquaculture industry and to the shortcomings of contemporary practices in fisheries management.

Most emphasis has been placed on food; feeding; production growth and reproduction and energy budgeting, as these have most influence on the development of fish culture. Some chapters offer practical advice for the selection of methods, and warn of pitfalls in previous approaches.

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    Fish Energetics - New Perspectives | Peter Tytler | Springer

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    Diego Barneche - Scaling fish energetics from individuals to ecosystems

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