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Do you like them long slides?!?! When your maximdefense Hate Brake fitment is on point!!! Sometimes, time at the range feels this fast. Can you agree?

Co-Cinematographer: Sam Perniskie. Cerakote by legionprecision. I Need More Anime Tees dbz dragonballz animegear animeapparel animeaesthetic streetstyle streetfashion artofvisuals agameoftones teamcanon azphotographer azcosplayer lightingiskey lightbender lightbending offcameraflash thekingofcolo. Heck yeah! Running the bobroengineering mount with merconoptics glass on my son's santantactical rifle. Who loves FDE?!? I may try one once they get the BO going. They actually all drove almost miles to my hospital room after surgery. They rarely get to witness. Love the black and FDE!

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Just changed it up to more FDE! Light bender!! So yea!! Come check me out in a week!

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Photo Credit to the very talented ivywilllowmusic. Alchemy cannot transmute metals to gold. We can, however, bend light to capture a galaxy of colors. Yellow, from the light and bright to the brooding and mysterious. Long exposure gloving pic anyone? Be ready for lots more gloving content, because I was added to a team!

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My son's santantactical rifle with the ottoengineering Noizebarrier micros! The red queen from our wardrobe compliments of apricotlanegb made its way to Arizona last week! Check these out! Counting those days tho The from nextlevelarms!! She is the keeper of the light, and she will protect it with all her might lol, cheesy. What light do you cherish in your life?

Also tag a friend in need of some light of their own. Series: Light bender Mod. That santantactical hotness with tyrantcnc grip and foregrip. But it was a fun editing session.

We hope you enjoy it as m. Check out our website for more details! Come join us and chat or just hang out. Take your pick Come join us to celebrate their release of a new minisode, or just hang out. Either way, it will be fun. Whether we answer or not We are looking for a few people with a good shot to rep our new collection - message us for details!

Ed Brown knows a thing or two about quality Asking you cuz you know the exotics bro.. Having some fun with the zevtech OZ9. Is it time to race? Thoughts on ZEV's own modular chassis gun? Hey, Space Monkeys, we have some exciting news! First, a bonus mini-episode is coming your way next Sunday available to patrons on Friday.

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If you. It's the internal Receiver of the OZ9 that allows you to custom build your pistol how you see fit. Take your old Gen 3 slide and put it to good use! Stay tuned!! Absolutely love this thing! A pause during recording episode 23 in the Oz 9 stude. Stay tuned! So many tasty flavors While admiring the brilliant gun the oz9 is, we got on to the subject of hipointfirearms stealing the show shotshow with the c9 release and mar.

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And thanks for the reply. This is not the Yeet Cannon you were looking for. Final week of practice. Still paying dues. See you all at nationals! Hansen, is about an hour drive one way. New urban grey grip. A little something special. Coming soon Available for Gen ! Gen3 Gen4 Gen Hello there There's some sort of metaphor here with Oz 9 and Gated Galaxies and a web of lies and deceit, but our crew wouldn't figure it out anyway.

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  7. It allows you to build your custom, personalized pistol how you see fit. Much like this one featuring the Shadow Camo Slide myzev mbk modular build oz9 zevoz9 zevtech pistol gun. Brand new release from zevtech the OZ-9 Compact! Check it out on our website! In remembrance of all those that lost their lives, and for all those who sacrificed their lives: this day brings together a nation to show us what we stood for, and what we stand for. Our entire nation comes together in courage, and in solidarity. Cool new things coming The OZ9 Compact in all it's small-sized glory Choose wisely Grasshopper.

    Lil zev zevtech thelove love oz9.

    Stories at Mosholu Golf Course

    Repost from zevtech using repostregramapp - The Kraken meets the cgsgroup edbrownproducts - myzev zevtech orion zev oz9 gun pistol igmilitia weaponsdaily dailybadass gunsbadassery gunporn sickguns weaponsfanatics gunsdai. The OZ Come check out our current inventory of Zev Technologies newest products! These firearms are competition ready for all your shooting needs! The magwell on the zevtech OZ9 makes fast and smooth reloads a breeze.

    Big negative is they include two mags none of which have extensions on them.