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Get Known if you don't have an account. The chalk board in front of a coffee shop in New York turned controversial when they advertised their Skim Lattes with "Get your beach bod back. Discussed here. Detective Conan : Whenever Kogoro makes one of his off-the-wall, no-basis-in-fact accusations and it gets shot down, he will frequently backpedal by saying he was just joking. Ai Haibara also always tag this to the end of anything that is actually real.

Darker Than Black played with this.

November 11 used to drop a comment somewhat disturbing for everyone present and add " Just joking " immediately. It's sufficiently annoying to other characters that it gets several Ironic Echoes throughout the series. Ferid of Seraph of the End gets his kicks he's an immortal vampire so he gets bored out of manipulating and hurting others. When he makes comments that suggest he means to make Krul submit to him or that he wants to suck Yuu's blood he usually follows it up with "It was just a joke. Jotaro lets his guard down for a moment because he's trying to squeeze Rubber Soul for information, but the second time he tries it Jotaro lets Star Platinum beat Rubber Soul to a pulp.

Comic Books. Bergelmir Loki 's brother tries to pull one to cover his ass after attempting to trick Lucifer into being honor-bound to kill himself. Bergelmir : It was joke, Morningstar.

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A joke only. I've something of my brother's humor, after all. Lucifer : Take me to the ship. Or I'll show you what makes me laugh. Mung Daal: I was just joking before. You aren't really a moron. In fact, I bet you are really quite smart and handsome. Did I say that? You bet I did. Say, I love your hat. Fairy Tales. In one version of The Pied Piper of Hamelin , after the piper has gotten rid of the rats, the mayor claims he was only joking about the payment. If you've heard the story, you know how that turned out. It didn't work. Fighting Back : Harry: I'm sorry Weasley, but how can you call me your best mate after what you said to me last night in your letter.

Besides I don't associate with bullies. Now leave, I'm enjoying lunch with my new friends. Ron: Ah, Harry! You know I was just joking, right? I was just angry that you didn't sit with me on the train, is all. And it's not considered bullying when people deserve it. Sirius: Okay, okay! I give up! Just kidding Films — Animated. The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie : Plankton attempts this, claiming that his mind-controlling everyone and turning Bikini Bottom into the dystopic Planktopolis was all a joke.

Not one person buys it, and he's shipped off to prison, screaming that he'll destroy everyone. Plankton : Come on, I was just kidding.

Why Teens ‘Just Joking Around’ About Racism, Sexism, Homophobia Is So Dangerous

Come on, you guys knew that, didn't you? With the helmets and the big monuments Wasn't that hilarious, everybody? Gothel : Ah, Rapunzel, how you manage to [pull me up the tower with your hair] every single day without fail Rapunzel : Oh, it's nothing.

Did you get it?

Gothel : Then I don't know why it takes so long! Ohohoho, darling, I'm just teasing!

Rapunzel : Eh-heh So, mother, as you know, tomorrow is a very big day- Gothel : Darling, look at that mirror. You know what I see? Is see a strong, confident, beautiful young lady. Oh, look, you're here too. I'm just teasing, stop taking everything so seriously! Sid: You guys never think I can do anything, but I'm an equal member of this herd! I made this herd, so you need to start treating he with some respect! Manny: Come on, Sid. Diego: Sid, we were just kidding. Films — Live-Action. In the Adam Sandler film Jack and Jill , Jack played by Sandler has a Mexican gardener whose only purpose in the movie is to make tons and tons of horrifically racist Mexican jokes "We just got over the border!

Done in Airplane! Played for Drama in After Ben Chapman gets backlash for his racist diatribe against Jackie Robinson, he defends himself by claiming that it's tradition to use derogatory slurs to distract opposing players. Also Played for Drama in Confessions.

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Shuya repeatedly jokes about killing his teacher's daughter, and shields any sincere emotion he might have with a "just kidding" The Marvel Cinematic Universe has Yondu constantly threatening to eat Peter in Guardians of the Galaxy. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Revenge of the Pink Panther. After being presumed dead in a Mafia assassination, Inspector Clouseau returns home to find Cato has turned his apartment into a brothel and the password to enter is his own name. After the inevitable comical misunderstandings, Clouseau indignantly shouts that he is a police officer.

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The bouncer promptly puts a switchblade to his neck, whereupon Cato rushes into the room. Billboard Hot [5] 22 U. Billboard Adult Contemporary 31 U. Joel Whitburn 's Pop Annual [7] Retrieved 15 February Archived from the original on 20 March Retrieved 28 October Pop Annual. Rod Stewart singles.

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For more information please review our cookie policy. Just Joking? Or just Sexual Harassm Tue, 7 January , — GMT. Media coverage of some of the worst examples of inappropriate workplace behaviour is difficult to ignore. The challenge for employers is dealing with the shift in culture that this increased awareness is creating - should the focus be to address issues head on rather than concealing them through embarrssment, not wanting to rock the boat, or being fearful of jeopardising future career opportunities.

This session blends legal knowledge with practical skills, outlining legal frameworks, discussing case law decisions, and advising on best practice to implement the standards expected of organisations. Add to Calendar.

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