Lady Chatterleys Lover (Vintage Classics)

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However, childless and listless she feels oppressed by their marriage and their isolated life.

D. H. Lawrence

Partly encouraged by Clifford to seek a lover, she embarks on a passionate affair with the gamekeeper, Mellors. Through their liaison Lawrence explores the complications of sex, love and class. Written in and subsequently banned, Lady Chatterley's Lover is one of the most subversive novels in English Literature.

Almost immediately, Somers comes into the orbit For D. Lawrence the novel was the pinnacle, 'the one bright book of life', yet his non-fiction shows him at his most freewheeling and The marriage of Gertrude and Walter Morel has become a battleground. Repelled by her uneducated and sometimes violent husband, delicate Gertrude devotes her life to A wickedly observed novel about falling in love at the end of your life, by the Man Booker Prize-winning author of The Finkler Question.

Sex in Classic Literature

Could you put your life on hold for twelve years? A stunning love story about family, injustice In Orko's world, things aren't what they seem - the streets are lined with houses that watch him through their slatted windows; a rusty Liberty fabric covered editions bring classics from the Faber backlist together with important modern titles, putting them in conversation and celebrating both the history and Hoffman's exploration of the world of good and evil, and the constant contest between them, is unflinching; and Send us a message Ask our staff anything about our shop or products, or leave your feedback.

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Lady Chatterley's Lover

Religion Spirituality. The only unfortunate thing was that men lagged so far behind women in the matter. They insisted on the sex thing like dogs. To shake off the old and sordid connexions and subjections. And a woman had to yield.

Lady Chatterley's Lover · David Herbert Lawrence · Könyv · Moly

A man was like a child with his appetites. A woman had to yield him what he wanted, or like a child he would probably turn nasty and flounce away and spoil what was a very pleasant connexion. But a woman could yield to a man without yielding her inner, free self.

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  • That the poets and talkers about sex did not seem to have taken sufficiently into account. A woman could take a man without really giving herself away. It was obvious in them too that love had gone through them: that is, the physical experience. It is curious what a subtle but unmistakable transmutation it makes, both in the body of men and women: the woman more blooming, more subtly rounded, her young angularities softened, and her expression either anxious or triumphant: the man much quieter, more inward, the very shapes of his shoulders and his buttocks less assertive, more hesitant.

    There's lots of good fish in the sea… maybe.

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    But the vast masses seem to be mackerel or herring, and if you're not mackerel or herring yourself, you're likely to find very few good fish in the sea. In fact everything was a little ridiculous, or very ridiculous: certainly everything connected with authority, whether it were in the army or the government or the universities, was ridiculous to a degree. And as far as the governing class made any pretensions to govern, they were ridiculous too. Sir Geoffrey, Clifford's father, was intensely ridiculous, chopping down his trees , and weeding men out of his colliery to shove them into the war; and himself being so safe and patriotic; but, also, spending more money on his country than he'd got.

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