Politics of Discipleship, The: Becoming Postmaterial Citizens

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For most readers of The Pneuma Review , this will not be an easy book to read.

The Politics of Discipleship: Becoming Postmaterial Citizens (The Church and Postmodern Culture)

Graham Ward, professor of contextual theology and ethics at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, writes with a density and against a backdrop of contemporary philosophical debates that will simply be impenetrable to those without a graduate level theological education. Be that as it may, the argument developed here, an extension of a much larger project Ward has now prosecuted in the many other books he has written over the last dozen or so years, deserves attention by those in the renewal movement who are concerned about Christian discipleship in the twenty-first century.

In brief, the two central theses of this volume, captured in its title, is that all Christian discipleship has a political character, and the call to discipleship in our time involves the embodiment of a postmaterial form of life. Postmaterialism, Ward suggests, is a counter-cultural posture that not only resists the materialistic consumption of an unbridled capitalist way of life but also rejects the de-materialized virtual reality inhabited by an increasing percentage of the contemporary world.

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The former materialist mentality is hedonistic and self-absorbed, while the latter dematerialist trend perverts the embodied and material nature of men and women created as good in the divine image. The response, then, ought to be a postmaterialist theology, even metaphysics — as opposed to the claims regarding ours being a post-metaphysical era which actually masks the deployment of bad or destructive metaphysical assumptions- of the body, both at the personal level of intersubjective relationships and at the political level of ecclesial-social interactions.

Renewal church leaders and even scholars may contrast material with spiritual, thus assuming that a postmaterial citizen is one who is in their mind oriented toward the spiritual, other, or next world. Thus the eschatological remainder serves as an apophatic check on our kataphatic theological commitments. To dwell in Christ as St. Paul has it is also to have Christ dwelling in us as embodied, social, economic, and political creatures, with embodied, social, economic, and political interactions with those around us.

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Thus to be disciples is to act out the way of Christ in the world, precisely the nature of public and political life. Being postmaterial therefore does not mean being spiritually minded if such involves being of no earthly good; on the contrary, being postmaterially and spiritually engaged with discipleship involves political witness, interaction, and engagement. Tags : Amos Yong , discipleship , featured , Graham Ward , politics. His graduate education includes degrees in theology, history, and religious studies from Western Evangelical Seminary and Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, and Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, and an undergraduate degree from Bethany University of the Assemblies of God.

He is the author of numerous papers and over 30 books. Can anyone explain this critique to me? My comments do not wish to demean in any way the work of Dr.

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It is only my inability to comprehend his work. I look forward to reading additional work by Dr. Yong in the future. The editors of PneumaReview.

Almost like reading the fine print in a contract! Thank you for the comments. When Dr. Such a category does not yet exist at PneumaReview.

Graham Ward on Political Discipleship - Centre for Theology and Public Issues

TW replied: "Thank you for your response. He suggested we place it online in the "In Depth Resources" department on our legacy website at PneumaFoundation. SB wrote: "Wow…I read it…I'm sooo confused! Prior to this he was, successively, a chaplain and fellow at Exeter College, Oxford , a part-time lecturer at the University of Birmingham and the Dean and Director of Studies for Theology at Peterhouse, Cambridge.

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He was ordained deacon in and priest in , [4] having originally studied English and French at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge and then studied theology at Selwyn College while training for ordination at Westcott House. Ward has engaged in different fields of theology , especially postmodern theology , and other disciplines such as philosophy , psychoanalysis , gender studies , and queer theory. His contemporary research focuses on Christian social ethics, political theory and cultural hermeneutics.

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Manchester , England [1]. Radical orthodoxy postmodernism. In Boeve, Lieven ; Brabant, Christophe eds. Farnham, England: Ashgate.