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Unfortunately, as the conflict sweeps across Ithilien, Eden Ardhon and Gondor, Aragorn finds that that not all wars are fought on the battlefield but rather, at home where there is the most to lose. In an effort to avoid confusion since most of my stories follow some form of continuity, I have a created a new page for all my stories set in the modern reality as I plan to dabble more in this universe.

This is strictly an AU only with no bearing on Tolkien's creations. The Patient and Triumvirate will be found here. This is a poem by Emily Evenstar featuring the events in the Easterling. Its very poignant and I recommend it. This is a poem by Emily Evenstar featuring the events in Dark Elf.

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Its from the insights of Arwen and Aragorn while they are apart. Click here to contact the Scribe. Faced with sorcery that is beyond their ability, the Fellowship must find a way into Imlardis or risk losing Arwen forever. I was disappointed in this in the movies because in Tolkien's works, the Easterlings are, at least to me, fairly clearly supposed to be representative of the fractured Germanic tribes of Europe, far more than any middle eastern culture.

They are described as being bearded like dwarves, wielding great axes, and if you want to dig into Tolkien's sources, Easterlings was a term more applied to the tribes along the Baltic coast.

I really don't want to see this aspect of the Easterlings hew more towards the movies, which to me was a completely inaccurate depiction of Easterlings. The Haradrim would be more appropriately following that style and that's another issue I have with the movies, where they are depicted more like Aztecs than anything else. Reply With Quote.

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Now as for the movies in know the design team took bits from all ancient exotic people so as not to resemble on nationality, i did not see Aztec only but also African and Eastern peoples, perhaps even some pacific island. Re: Easterlings: Art and Lore Concern I've been interested to see what they've come up with myself since I saw the announcement that they would be included.

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Hopefully they are completely new art assets and not simply recycled Dunlendings with new hats. However, I haven't been all that concerned with the lore side of things. Easterling is just a generic term for the seemingly infinite lands east of Middle Earth Eastern Earth? For the most part, I think the movie kind of glazed over how many evil men were a part of the enemy's forces.

Sea of Rhûn

All we saw of the Dunlendings was Saruman rousing a few to go ransack some Rohirric villages, while the attack on Helm's Deep was all uruk's. I don't think we actually got to see the force that marched into the Black Gates do any fighting. Join Date Mar Posts I'd definitely prefer to see those instead of just more Dunlending clones. Slavetothebum R4 Reaver, Bummagic R2, other toons unworthy of mention cause they have not done the rite of initiation. Re: Easterlings: Art and Lore Concern. Originally Posted by Canticle.

Originally Posted by Himodhur. How did you get Aztec from the movies? I thought the Haradrim were depicted in a very Middle-Eastern fashion. Originally Posted by LeRaginAsian. I've been interested to see what they've come up with myself since I saw the announcement that they would be included. Why would it matter how the movies depicted them?

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The license Turbine holds is based on the books, and Tolkien didn't give a lot of detail regarding the Easterlings in the books. Join Date Jun Posts Well it matters in terms of expectations, given that there are clear influences in art direction in the game from a variety of sources Alan Lee seems to be a big one, which makes sense , the movies included.

The only real detail in Lord of the Rings is that they were bearded men who wielded axes, which is not exactly how they've been portrayed in print and film to date. Vincent van Port "Held der fliegenden Feder" R13 before ! Collector of superb posts. I thought of this while replying to a different thread, but I have some concerns regarding the introduction of the Easterlings from a lore and perception basis.

The Balchoth were a fierce race of Easterlings, who attacked Gondor while under orders of Dol Guldur.

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  • Like the Wainriders they rode in chariots and wagons, and they may have been descendants of these people. However, they were notably far more primitive and savage than the advanced Wainriders, so their origin is at most obscure. Not much is known about the weapons used by the Easterlings. They had as far as it is known among their arsenal spears, bows, pikes, axes and chariots. They also seemed to favor the horse on many occasions, although all this probably differed greatly among the Easterling tribes, kingdoms, or empires.

    Knowledge of the culture of the Easterlings is limited.

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    An Emperor of the Easterlings was supposed to have led an army to the Battle of Dale and supported Sauron. An "Easterling" at the Black Gate. The corresponding passage in the book describes them as Easterlings; in the movie they are the same, quite distinct from the Haradrim passing through Ithilien later in the film. During this encounter, Sam accidentally falls down a slope near to where Easterlings are passing by. Frodo goes after him, and two Easterling warriors notice the commotion; they leave the formation to inspect. Frodo hides himself and Sam under his elvish cloak, disguising them as a boulder.

    The Easterling soldiers almost find them, but eventually return to their legion and march into Mordor. There they advance upon the soldiers of Gondor, but they are not seen fighting.

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    • In Peter Jackson 's film series, the Easterlings are depicted as a heavily-stylized, vaguely Middle Eastern culture. This caused some controversy after the films were released. They have "crests" on the backs of their hat-like helmets that resemble feudal Samurai crests. They also bear a rising sun emblem upon their armor.

      The full-body armor the Easterlings wear resembles armor which ancient Chinese soldiers wore. Beneath their armor they wear veils, headscarves, and robes. In some movie-models, their boots have upturned toes, suggesting a Mongolic or Persian influence.