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This man took Matt's life away and must pay. Even in a nation rife with antigovernment paranoia and conspiracy theories, nobody could believe the things Matt has seen. In a nation infected with trained assassins and ritual murderers, only he can piece together the truth and save the U.

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The Kenya Institute of Management Your cart is empty. Log in to your account. Login: Password:. Publisher: Don Mills, Ont. ISBN: ; X. Mystery fiction. Online resources: Contributor biographical information Publisher description Sample text Summary: "Crime writer Matt Wells hasn't had much time for a career of late--he's been too busy fighting for his life. Johnston does provide enough information in The Nameless Dead that reading the previous books in the series is not necessary, though I do think having read its immediate predecessor, Maps of Hell, at the very least will enhance your enjoyment.

As with the previous books in the series, the science behind events in this case the mind control experimentation is explained in believable detail, and the history behind the activities of Heinz Rothmann is equally well and thoroughly presented. There is also a healthy dose of dark humor laced throughout the story, never more evident than in the breakneck final quarter of the book, allowing Wells to move forward through unbelievably grim circumstances with a sort of gallows humor.

Perhaps the most impressive feat Johnston manages to pull off, however, is the marvelous blurring of the lines of morality for each character. Just when you think Wells is a man motivated by justifiable rage and "pure" intentions he does something that pushes the boundaries of acceptable, while at the same time you'll find a ruthless assassin doing things that will make you question just how ruthless they really are. Where does a search for justice cross the line and become a quest for revenge?

Johnston constantly challenges the reader to question the very core concepts of "good" and "evil" as played out under continuously shifting circumstances of threat and loss. Johnston's books are no place for the timid or those unwilling to deal with a story more complicated than a paint-by-numbers thriller, but if you're willing to take a step - or three - somewhat off the beaten path I guarantee you'll be hard-pressed to find a more satisfyingly challenging and enjoyable read.

Jun 05, James Kidd rated it liked it. I roared though the second half of this book today. Hey- it's not great writing, or the best plot ever, but I was suitably carried along. All rather unbelievable - natch. But great fun along the way.

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Jul 15, Maria Johnson rated it liked it. Very good book, but had so much going on it was confusing at times. I do want to read the rest of the series with Matt Wells.

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Mar 08, J. Hart rated it liked it. The premise of this novel appealed to me on a few levels. I loved the movie 'The Manchurian Candidate', and it reminded me of that in some ways. I love conspiracies and secrecy, threats on a national level.

You know, all the good stuff that comes with a thriller. This book has all that, plus Nazi's, Satanists, and quite a large cast of characters. I didn't know at the time that it was book 4 in a series. That said, it does a decent job of providing you with enough information on the many charact The premise of this novel appealed to me on a few levels. That said, it does a decent job of providing you with enough information on the many characters without going into information dump mode.

I feel like I would have been more invested in this story if I had read the last three books though, and strangely found myself rooting for the Soul Collector - the woman who is trying to kill the main character - over the others. At points I felt like there was too much going on in the story.


So many characters, all of whom seemed to be making choices based on their core beliefs which generally, I like in characters , and all with actions in their past which could be construed as making them 'bad' which I also tend to like - black and white characters can be boring, give me those blurred lines, with characters not always making 'good' choices, thanks. Because of this there doesn't feel like a clear 'bad guy'. The stakes didn't feel high enough to me, despite the dangerous situations the characters find themselves in. The 'impending doom' is never really spelled out, or perhaps wasn't concrete enough for me to feel really invested.

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In any event, it was a well written novel, with good pacing and interesting characters. I enjoyed it, and firmly believe I would have enjoyed it more had I started at the beginning of the series and read through - there was enough in this book to make me keen to do that. Aug 15, Kaura-amirah rated it it was amazing. About 2 years ago, my ex handed me 'The Death List' with a frown, and said she couldn't find it in her to read it all the way through. She knew I loved reading, and I'd often lie around doing so whilst she was sewing.

In the next two days, we had a trip to London planned, and I took the book along with me, the cover intriguing me - I always had a love for gory stuff! The first chapter peaked my interest, but I wasn't lost in it. A few chapters later, I didn't want to put it down. And thus begun my About 2 years ago, my ex handed me 'The Death List' with a frown, and said she couldn't find it in her to read it all the way through.

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  5. And thus begun my addiction to the 'Matt Wells' series. I bought the rest of the series online after I had read the last.

    And when it came to 'The Nameless Dead', I paced myself. I wanted it to last, because this well and truly is my favourite crime series! I never saw the twist coming with Karen and Magnus, nor did I expect Sara's change of heart. I was wondering whether she would become more human, and kind of expected it. But the way it happened tugged on my heart strings; and despite the amazing writing, all of the believable cults and what not, I have to say she really made this book a beautiful masterpiece.

    I don't think I'll ever find such a well written female serial killer in another story, so that's my only flaw with this! My expectations are going to be very high from now on. May 31, Tuck rated it it was ok. Jan 02, love rated it it was ok. The book is okay. It was exciting at first, but soon got old. How many times can the main character get in trouble and get somehow bailed out? Part of my dislike for the book is my fault.

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    Someone gave me the book and I started reading it without knowing that it was possibly the third It could be the fourth book or fifth book in the series. I am not sure. I haven't looked into it that much. I think it might be the last book in the series anyhow. I will just leave it at that. Feb 02, Georgiann Hennelly rated it really liked it. Matt Wells is a crime writer who hasn,t had much time for his career as of late he,s to busy fighting for his life. He can,t trust anyone, not even himself.

    His subconscious has been infiltrated and a single word can trigger hidden orders buried deep within Matts memory. He took Matt,s life away and he must pay. This story of Nazis, brainwashing, religious fanatics and sinister plots by high ranking government officials was completely ludicrous with many very far fetched scenes, but it was still an entertaining read.

    Oct 10, Kat rated it it was amazing Shelves: thriller-suspense. Wonderful ending!!! Aug 09, Jolene rated it it was amazing. Awesome book!! Dec 09, Adom rated it did not like it Shelves: one-time-reads.

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    I thought it was a little boring and not really my style. Mar 18, David rated it liked it Shelves: kindle. An OK read but nothing great. Jun 06, M rated it it was ok. Didn't read the previous books, so it was somewhat confusing in the beginning. It felt it could have stopped at some point, but kept going on.